Clear and algaefree ponds without the use of chemicals

Undesired algae growth is a concern for natural ponds as well as hightech, floating, pond plants, golf ponds and park ponds. AQUAlog, made with xylite rolls, puts an end to this concern. Xylite is a fiber which offers a high degree of absorption because of its polarized structure. It naturally binds the nutrients of algae and other water pollutants and depletes the food chain for these unwanted pond inhabitants. The application is very easy: The readyto- use (xylite rolls) are simply secured around the edge of the pond, or in it as floating islands, and immediately begin their purification process. Nature instead of chemicals – this is one of the greatest benefits of xylite rolls.


  • Observable results within days
  • No chemical additives
  • Does not harm fish or other wildlife
  • Positive effects on beneficial micro-organisms
  • Easy application
  • Clean water and disappearance of unpleasant odors
  • Helps keep filters and pipes unclogged
  • Significant decrease in maintenance expenses
  • Beneficial effects on local vegetation

Experimental measurements from the University of Cottbus.
Decreasing the phosphate content in the water within five days after the application of Xylit fiber rolls.

2.0 mg/l
0.5 mg/l
0.3 mg/l
0.2 mg/l

Bad for the algae. Good for your water.

Algae use excess phosphates and nitrates in the water to grow and flourish. Xylit fiber rolls uses its superior surface area to bind these products and withdraw them from the water. Significant decreases of phosphate can be observed in the first five days following application. In addition there is rapid colonization of useful microorganisms. The result is cleaner water using a totally natural cleaning process.



Embankment protection on
flowing waters

Extreme durability

In general wooden constructions or fascines in rivers suffer from a rapid biodegradation. Thus they require reworking or renewal after a couple of years. Xylit fiber rolls offer a durable and stable embankment protection. They also work as filters, absorb nutrients and are easily colonizable.


Bank protection on
standing waters

Side effect: Water purification

Flat water zones of standing waters usually have to be bordered and secured on the water side. Xylit fiber rolls are appropriate for this application as solid technical structures. They can be arranged in various design shapes, such as in pyramid shape. Alongside their ideal structural properties, they also offer benefits to standing waters due to their water purifying effect.


What is Xylit?
  • Xylit fiber with its woody structure is a local material which exists in large quantities as a by-product of brown coal production in the area of Lusatia, Germany. No additional energy is needed for the production of this material.
  • Xylit fiber can be compared to wood fiber, but is more sturdy, elastic and extremely robust regarding mechanical stress and biological degradation. Its structure allows binding nutrients and harmful substances.

Why are Xylit fiber rolls used as a massive constructive element?

  • As the bulk density of Xylit is approximately 0.4 t/m³, Xylit fiber rolls have a weight of approximately 20 kg/m. Thus it is a robust constructive element especially when being used for embankment base and shore reinforcement.
  • As Xylit fiber rolls also work as a filter, they prevent slopes from erosion.

Why are Xylit fiber rolls extremely durable?

    • The C/N-ratio in mineral soils is a good indicator for soil life activity and nutrient cycling. Microbial activity decreases already at a C/N-ratio of 25:1. Xylit has a C/N-ratio of 215:1!


Why can Xylit fiber rolls be colonized easily?
  • Depending on the C/N-ratio, the substrate can suffer from a lack of nitrogen and can bind nitrogen and phosphate. The C/N-ratio of Xylit however can absorb a large amount of nitrogen as well as other plant nutrients.
  • Xylit fibers feature the capillary of the former plant fibers. Thus each fiber has a large specific surface which is ideal for microbial colonization. This strongly increases the waters self-purifying capacity.

How is water quality improved by Xylit fiber rolls?

  • Before nutrients reach the open water area, Xylit filters them from the surface water, which reduces the general water nutrient content.
  • The nutrient concentration in the surroundings of the Xylit fiber rolls contributes to a positive vegetation development.